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Pitching During a Major Breaking News Cycle

Posted by admin January - 20 - 2013

Never pitch a product or client during a major breaking news cycle unless you can offer related expert advice! This seems like a given. However, many available guests, or their publicity representatives, break this rule more ofthen than they should.

Key guest booking contacts at top broadcast outlets and editorial staffers at print outlets across the U.S. turn their full attention to a news story dominating headlines. They don’t have time–or patience–to handle a non-related query. You absolutely do not want to be perceived in a negative light by these key decision makers by pitching at an inopportune time.

Your page-turning novel, enlightening new book on the benefits of eating healthy, or suggestion about a terrific cause with proceeds benefiting the truly needy will not get the consideration or attention they deserve when the nation mourns a mass shooting or the like.

Moreover, if you are booked as a guest expert or scheduled to speak to a reporter during such breaking news events, expect to get bumped as a result. Production crews and reporters appreciate guest experts who accept the news graciously and will make every effort to reschedule.

Seasoned media professionals monitor news outlets closely. Respect the nature of a breaking news cycle and time your pitch accordingly.


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