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A Bronze Age/Information Age marriage, THE ART OF WAR VISUALIZED (Workman; March 10, 2015) is a perfect meeting of two minds. One, Sun Tzu, the ancient Chinese general whose legendary The Art of War offers strategy lessons across centuries. The other, Jessica Hagy, a cartoonist and creator of the Webby award-winning site

With 2,500 years of dust shaken off, THE ART OF WAR VISUALIZED is a charts and graphs mash-up that inspires a radical new reading of the classic text, whether your personal battlefield is business, politics, management, sports, design, or any office, anywhere. Fresh, introspective, and totally re-imagined, here’s to thoughtful problem solving for the next two millenniums.

About the Author
Jessica Hagy is a cartoonist and the author of How to Be Interesting. She is known for her Webby Award–winning blog, Indexed (, and her illustrations, which appear regularly in The New York Times and many other media outlets. Jessica Hagy lives in Seattle with her husband and son and online at

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